> I am a native new yorker & have been living on the Bowery since 1971

> I went to a CUNY school - majored in art & photography - great faculty at the time - which was 1970’s a time of activism, student & otherwise. I have always been an activist & organizer, but this spurred me onto even greater involvement.

> moved to my loft on the Bowery primarily because I know other residents of the building.

> at 5 floors/lofts it was a nice small community. lots of communication and activity.


> presently I am vice president of the Bowery Alliance of Neighbors, member of the Bowery Block Assoc. and many other groups. currently I am centered on preservation - architectural; cultural; social. we are trying to keep our city from being destroyed by a developer-centered, greedy mayor.


> activism takes most of my time, but I do LOVE photography and hope be able to devote more time to it.

> ————— michele campo

> ——mbfc