Adrian L. Bey. An artist and fashion designer originally from Topeka, Kansas now living and building my fashion and art brand in NY. I have been drawing and designing clothing and accessories my entire life, so I decided to give NY a shot at launching a brand of my own. I am here learning the business and how it all works. I am so excited about all the opportunities that I am coming across in the great city of NY. I am an artist that believes in the coop system, so I am coordinating my organization as a networking system powerhouse to assist artist and entrepreneurs on and in this race of business and all the necessary components. I am equally eager to supply jobs as we re-educate the country on a wonderful lost art of sewing. The world is full of amazing artist, and I just want to bridge gaps so that as we reestablish industry in America we are in a position to implement the change we want to see. Thank You so much and may God continue to bless you and your organization with continued success.