My art is an attempt at Beauty. To grasp the essence of my spirit which is Light.

I've had many experiences in this life
I've had an opportunity to make the acquaintance of various individuals from various countries.

Art has been a positive conversation piece.
A way to view what is taking place in the mind and personality of persons.

I think most people appreciate something beautiful.
I personally appreciate Beauty.

There's a lot of images more than not theses images tend to place the individual in a state of agitation.

The smile from the young child....
The affirmative knod... of the fellow passing
The dreamy eyes and gestures from the attractive female.

ART to me is medium to change minds
To offer a different choice

It's not easy to be isolated from your family friends and loved ones.

To be alone with ones inner
Art is my way of saying things are alright with me and you.

Art is my offering to humanity.
A gift a present
Difficult times we live in
The more the need to show light.
To say it exists.
That peace can be a reality.

I hope that that is what I'm doing with my talent...
That I'm giving others a ray of light.
That I'm making someone feel like their burden is being lifted even just for a moment.

I can go on and write a book but there will be time for those things later.

I love art and the opportunity it has given me